I grew up seeing my Dad's health deteriorate.  I was very young but he grew up looking very active and healthy.  Stress played out in his life to provide for his family and he began getting sick often.  Like flu-like symptoms.  He started taking medication for sinus congestion and the usual antibiotics every time he got sick.  His health kept getting worse and he developed an auto immune disease that caused him to take more medication and eventually kidney failure.  It was the start of a long journey of endless drugs and surgeries.  Needless to say he died sooner than he should and the best doctors and best drugs out there couldn't save his life.

I believed that there was a  solution other than drugs or surgery.  Chiropractic care has change my life and it has given me a proactive approach to my health.  My immune system works better and I stopped getting sick so often as I would have similar flu like symptoms like my dad did.  Stressed played out in my life at a young age because I had to help the family business.  Feeling the change that I got from chiropractic care I believe that it could have saved my Dad's life or at least prevented him from taking all those toxic medication and would have extended his life.  He died from a drug induce skin cancer from over exposure over the years of taking the medication.  I was too young to help my dad.  Only later did I become a chiropractor.  This is why I am passionate about what I do and my purpose is to share my belief to my community and inform as many people as I can to a better approach to health.  

Dr. Joe Hong, D.C.